Posted by alexandra in Bridal Hairstyle , Hairstyles I am about to marry and the most common question I get is: What do you have to dress? The second question [...]

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While shopping for soft toys for kids, we parents hardly have any say in the process. It is totally controlled by the kid’s choice and we simply give in. Of late, [...]

Whenever I travel abroad for work, one thing that I HAVE to get is lots of chocolates for everyone! I will tell you how you can save money on shopping [...]

When your baby is young, he is prone to accidents more than an older child. When you shop for toys, see that the corners of the toy are rounded. There [...]

When you are expecting a new arrival in your family, excitement is bound to be at the peak! Proper planning will ensure that your baby’s shopping is done well in [...]

It feels really lovely to receive a nice gift from your boyfriend or spouse. For girls, it is always a happy occasion to be gifted with something interesting. Some men know [...]

Electronic items are best bought during Christmas sales. You can get a good deal for a laptop that will fit into your budget. I will help you find out how [...]

You have finally decided to buy a new house after so many years of planning for it. These handy tips will help you out. Firstly, fix your budget for the house. [...]

Shopping for cosmetics is a favorite activity of mine. I am sure you too must be dazed by the variety of lipsticks that are offered by so many companies today. Did [...]

A digital camera lets you click snaps with a greater sharpness. This clarity and quality of pictures depends on the number of megapixels it has. The higher the number of [...]